Compliance & Corporate Criminal Law

Our lawyers assist their clients in various areas related to both corporate criminal law and the prevention of risks related to regulations – mainly banking and financial – which are applicable to them (“Compliance”).

After a detailed analysis of the specific requirements of the client, our lawyers will be able to propose a pragmatic solution to the specific questions as well as personalised assistance in the application of the solution. Our lawyers develop legal monitoring tools throughout this process.

Our lawyers will also assist their clients to defend their interests in case of investigation by a regulator, administrative or judicial authority. This support can also include the possibility to negotiate solutions.
Finally, our attorneys will be able to help you in the drafting, analysis and monitoring of your documents comprising a dimension of “compliance”, either in matters related to anti-money laundering, terrorism financing, international financial sanctions, consumer protection regulations or compliance of financial products and services developed and delivered to the public.

Besides advising services, our attorneys defend their client’s interests in court.

Our expert

Gilles Laguesse & Pierre Proesmans & Emanuele Ceci