Wealth & Estate Planning

Our lawyers assist their clients in the process of anticipating and planning the transfer of their wealth.

Each client is unique and so is their wealth. It is therefore essential that their financial planning is treated with dedication by a specialist attorney in civil and tax matters, in order to ensure a sustainable transfer to the best possible outcome.

At a time when the family unit is changing just as much as taxation, all processes of structuring should be reviewed in detail with creativity and flexibility, in order to allow the clients to achieve their desired specific objectives, simple or complex, considering both the civil and taxation aspects, and taking into account the national and international aspects in these matters.

Aware of the difficulties that prevent many individuals from succeeding in the transfer of their wealth, our attorneys have a proactive and expert counseling role in the structuring of their clients wealth (assisting them in a donation process e.g. transfer of business, real estate transfer, and asset transfer e.g. financial assets, art asset etc), in contract and will drafting, and as will executors etc, whilst taking into account the tax issues at national and international levels related to the planning and structuring of their wealth.

Beyond their counselling activities, when consulted regarding administrative procedures (e.g. administrative tax litigation) or judicial procedures (e.g. liquidation/sharing procedure, asset management, judicial tax process etc) our lawyers defend with precision the interests of their clients in court while offering alternative solutions, in the interest of their clients, in order to resolve any conflicts.

Our experts

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