Asset management and transmission

Our lawyers assist their clients in the process of setting up assets, their development, their management and their transmission. The perpetuation of private assets requires the organization of the inheritance in order to avoid inheritance conflicts.

Because each client is unique and so are his assets, it is essential that his assets be treated with passion by a lawyer specialized in these civil and fiscal matters, in order to ensure their transmission and perpetuation under the best conditions.

At a time when the family unit is evolving as much as the tax system, any structuring process must be considered with creativity and flexibility in all details, in order to allow the client to achieve the specific simple or complex objectives desired, both on the civil and tax levels, while taking into account both national and international aspects in these matters.

Aware of the difficulties and costs of inheritance that prevent many people from successfully transferring their assets, our specialists develop a proactive and focused advisory role in the estate planning of their clients. This may involve assistance in a donation process (e.g. business transfer, real estate transfer, sale of assets, transfer of movable assets (e.g. financial assets, works of art,…), contract, drafting of a will, executor’s mission,…) while taking into account the national and international tax issues that would be linked to the envisaged estate structuring.

In addition to their advisory activity, when they are consulted in the context of administrative proceedings (e.g. administrative tax litigation) or judicial proceedings (e.g. liquidation and partition proceedings, administration of assets, judicial tax proceedings,…), our lawyers also defend their clients’ interests before the courts with precision, while not neglecting, in the interest of their clients, the solutions that alternative methods of conflict resolution can offer. Translated with (free version)


Gilles DE FOY

Lawyer specialized in tax law and family patrimonial law

Emanuele CECI

Lawyer specialized in tax law


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