A bold and professional
and professional approach

Bazacle & Solon is a law firm specialized in business law.

It deals with both Belgian and transnational issues. It targets a multi-faceted clientele (companies, individuals, financial institutions, private banks, investment funds and asset managers), both in Belgium and abroad.

Thanks to the association of practicing and academic specialists in their fields, Bazacle & Solon aims to offer its clients excellence through tailor-made and pragmatic advice.

An approach also International

Because Bazacle & Solon is committed to providing its clients with a high level of expertise in each of the different areas of expertise it offers, it was essential that it be able to rely on a network of international partners who can provide their clients with a high level of quality and precision that perfectly meets the firm’s standards.

In order to provide its existing clients with high quality cross-border services, Bazacle & Solon works closely with partners in Paris, Geneva and Luxembourg.

Indeed, due to its transnational activity, the firm must be able to offer its clients solutions applicable in all the jurisdictions concerned. By setting up teams of lawyers or multi-jurisdictional advisors, Bazacle & Solon facilitates your international operations and projects through a single point of contact.


Bazacle & Solon
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